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Friday, 11 July 2008


OMG my first blog entrie....... cant believe i am blogging oooooooooo what would the neighbours say lol.

Well what i have done today mmmmm well i have not managed to do any crafting, thats for sure lol as i have been out driving most of it, which i still find it it hard to believe i am now legal to go out on my own YAY!! why oh why didn't i take my test years ago :@s

so what else do you put in your blogs ??? i think this is going to take some getting use to ......surley i am not suposed to just ramble on about my life and the things i get up to ?????or am i lol some one pleassssseeeee help this newbie to blogging


Heather (Craftling) said...

Hi, Avid! :o) Welcome to Blogland!!

Congrats on making a start! Oh, and by the way, other than Blogger's Ts&Cs, there are NO RULES! You can blog about anything you feel like.

One tip.. You have word verification on your comments, and it drives other bloggers up the wall. (You will find this out for yourself if you do much blog-hopping.)

It is intended for stopping spam, but I have had the grand total of one spam message in three months, so it doesn't serve any really useful purpose.

It's up to you as to what you want to do with your blog, but if at some point you decide to get rid of it, you have that option in your 'settings' section where you can add a new post.

Have fun with your new blog! :o)

Heather xx

Laura & Angela said...

Happy blogging... It's looking better than mine at this point! Well done!!

AvidPixieCrafter said...

YAY my first replys :@)

Thanks Heather & Laura

Have taken the word thingi off has advised hun so hopefully i now wont annoy any other bloggers lol

Laura bet yours will be great hun :@) can't wait to see it

so what have i been up to since my last post ....... well i turned 36 :@0 ....... and have been busy crafting YAY i have now got next months card done lol so i am in front at last. Altogether over the last couple of days i have made 8 cards which is a miracle for me but only need to do 2 more cards for my dad and nephew which to be honest i am stumped with as i do not have that much stuff for men ............ mmmmmmmmm i feel a shopping spree coming on lol which if my Dh reads this will be rolling his eyes saying OMG not again ........ love you babes xxxx

AvidPixieCrafter said...

Opppppppppps sorry for that laura I HAVE NOW seen yours and it is brillient hun Well Done you :@) will leave a reply ..........

Heather (Craftling) said...

Hi, hon! :D

How's it going?

Thanks for taking word verification off the comments! It makes life soo much easier if you're doing a lot of hopping.

You should put that last paragraph
about what you've been up to as a post on your blog. Visitors will be interested in that sort of stuff. :D

Hope you're enjoying your day!

H xx

Cazzy said...

Well done on hatching your first blog Avid!

I love the stitched oriental dragon picture I spotted in your slide show.

You can say what you want, best to blog hop to see the sort of thing that is out there and then do it however you like!
Yep I agree, what you posted here should be your next blog comment too! Don't blog in the comments not everyone looks there, well short replies are alright!